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  About 10 years ago I started a hobby of collecting antiques i would go antiqueing any chance i got. One day i wanted a vintage watch and thats how It all started with a watch.  I first got interested in fine jewelry when I was on a search for that watch.  Next thing I know I find myself at jewelry auctions, jewelry stores, and traveling overseas just to find this particular watch.


  Along the way, I noticed I had an eye for gems, which further intrigued me to go to gemology school and with that training I would go all over the country acquiring gems and jewelry that are absolute pieces of art.


 That’s also how I realized I had an eye for art and with quite a few connections in the los Angeles art scene I have acquired quite a few pieces of art from local artists here in los Angeles and famous artists that have been featured in gallery’s and museums all over the world, like Dali, Picasso, pino and Tarkey.


This is the reason why I started The Alchemist & The Artist is to bring together the combination of rare, unique antiques from all over the world, fine one of a kind pieces of jewelry, fine gallery quality artwork (past, present and future) and to showcase local talented up and coming artists.


 I hope you enjoy this showcase of my passions combined and always if you have any questions or concerns please contact me at, also if there’s a piece that you have been searching for but cannot find, I may be able to find it for you as my network expands nationwide and also internationally you may contact me at


 Thank you and health, wealth and enlightenment to all


Thomas J.S. LaBue 

Founder The Alchemist & The Artist



 The watch that started it all

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