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Wired Elegantly Jewelry Designer Joni Y Seto


"Why is fine jewelry so boring?" I asked myself this question when I went to fine jewelry stores. "Why can't these fun fashion pieces be made of precious metals?!" I also asked that question while I browsed through a department store. To answer these two questions, I started my own jewelry line.

My love for art and my desire to create has inspired me to become a unique jewelry designer- not only fulfill the needs of my customers, but to fulfill my needs as an artist.



As a jewelry designer, oil painter, photographer, and art director, I strive to be a modern day renaissance artist. Jewelry can be a very intricate form of art. I first started making jewelry because, like many people, I am allergic to nickel and base metals. I felt there was not enough choices in fine jewelry, so I took it upon myself to do it! I make fine jewelry, sometimes with an elegant twist, and sometimes with a wild artistic touch. i never work with nickel, brass, or steel unless a customer requests a piece that requires it (because I'd have to use gloves). Most of my pieces come in silver for a more affordable price. I also use 14k yellow gold and 14k white gold for those who prefer a more precious metal. I use a wide arrange of beads because I love coming up with new designs and new wire wrapping techniques.


I hope you like and enjoy my designs. I do take requests for custom pieces and can make such requests, under the REQUESTS tab .




Joni Y Seto


Jewelry Designer

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